So, what is BodyTalk?  

In simple terms, BodyTalk is a gentle, holistic healing system that rebalances body and mind to restore our natural healing abilities. It draws from a selection of both eastern and western philosophies. Not only can BodyTalk have a transformative effect on one's health and wellbeing, it can also be used to complement or even enhance other healthcare systems.

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Alicia Longhurst

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 practice: Westmere, Auckland

How does it work?  

Our bodies have a natural ability to heal and eliminate disease – most of this without our awareness. The problem is, modern life gets in the way. Stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and even accidents can prevent our bodies from functioning the way they should, both physically and emotionally. This can result in many forms of pain, discomfort, fatigue or illness. 


BodyTalk helps restore our natural lines of communication, reconnecting the parts and pathways in the body that have lost touch due to imbalance. This in turn optimises the body’s healing processes to promote health and wellbeing on physical, mental and emotional levels.

What happens in a BodyTalk session?  

Typically, you’ll make yourself comfortable on a massage table – always clothes on. Your BodyTalk practitioner will then determine what needs addressing within your body using a technique similar to muscle testing in kinesiology. This isn’t so much a diagnosis, but more working out your body’s own healing priorities. Once the body’s requirements are clear, a gentle tapping technique is used to restore the disrupted pathways.


A BodyTalk session will normally last between 30 to 60 minutes. During treatment you may experience mild sensations or, occasionally, emotional release. However, most people enter a state of deep relaxation. 

What can BodyTalk be used for?  

As a holistic healing technique, BodyTalk can help with a broad range of illnesses or imbalances. In fact, there are few limitations to how it can benefit you. Here are just a few examples:


  • Headaches/migraines

  • Back/joint pain 

  • Skin problems 

  • Digestive disorders 


  • Depression

  • Stress/anxieties

  • Weight loss

  • Menstrual issues



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A bit about Alicia.

BodyTalk has been a passion of mine since 2001, when I first experienced this subtle, yet powerful healing modality. It was a revelation. I was astounded at how something so simple could have a transformative effect on health and wellbeing. In 2007, I decided to study BodyTalk with a view to practice. With my background in naturopathy and homeopathy, BodyTalk seemed a natural progression – and a great fit with my intuitive abilities. I became a certified practitioner in 2011 – and here I am today, doing what I love most.

 If you have questions or would like to make an appointment, please email. Or call 021 2150 507.